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Montreal Admits It "Totally Screwed Up" Removing Snow In The City This Winter

Admitting fault.

Montreal municipal politicians had hoped that nature would do most of the work clearing the latest bout of snow and ice that fell over the city, but that didn’t turn out so well.

Up until last night, ice was still everywhere in Montreal, making the city’s streets rather treacherous. But the city decided to do nothing, expecting the warmer weather to just melt all the ice.  

But after realizing that the weather isn’t exactly reliable, City of Montreal officials decided that some human intervention would be needed if the streets are going to be drivable/walkable for the start of the work week. 

And in a rare showing of humility, the politicians in charge of Montreal’s snow-clearing operations actually apologized for making a fairly big mistake. 

Jean-François Parenteau, executive committee member in charge of citizen services, tweeted out an apology to Montrealers, saying that it was a “bad decision” to not launch a snow-removal operation far sooner. 

Mayor Valérie Plante couldn’t help but agree, especially after experiencing the treacherous sidewalks/sheets of pure ice that were still all over Montreal on Sunday. 

Speaking to JDM, Plante recounts how she slipped on the sidewalk Sunday morning. Plante then realized that, even though the city already put down abrasives like salt, it would take more to make the sidewalk safe. 

Plante also alluded to money being a major factor in deciding to let the warmer weather handle the ice rather than send out ice-clearers much earlier. 

According to Plante, the warmer weather that was predicted would have melted all the snow/ice away, meaning the city would save a cool $15 million by not having to clear it all away themselves. 

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