I was at the exciting Canadiens Fan Jam 2015 ahead of Game 5 this Friday, and let me tell you, our Habs fans are incredible. One thing is for sure, we always stand behind our team. Those of you already thinking of selling off your Montreal Canadiens tickets, shame on you! We got this.

Back for another year, you could show your undying love by repping the Habs logo with fresh fades and shaves thanks to Notorious Barbershop, or literally wear your Canadien heart on your sleeve by getting some permanent ink courtesy of Adrenaline Tattoos. Maybe not quite as good as giving away free Habs tickets, but still definitely an awesome way to spoil the fans.

We might not have swept the Sens yet, but up 3-2 in the series - it’s definitely not over ‘til the fat lady sings. Okay, maybe not the best example, considering the anthem is sung before the game starts…

Supporters of our Bleu-Blanc-Rouge are in full force and all I can say is, you guys are nuts!! The pride everyone showed for our Habs was off the hook and just goes to show that if there is one thing Montrealers can agree on right now, it’s that the Sens seriously need to get their golf clubs ready, cause y’all gon' be hittin' the course after tonight! Check out the energy in this video.


Montreal Canadiens Fan Jam Video Showcases Just How Much The C...

Montreal Canadiens Fan Jam Video Showcases Just How Much The City LOVES The Habs

Posted by MTL Blog on Sunday, April 26, 2015
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