Montreal Closing Off St. Denis Street For A Massive Sidewalk Sale

Live music, good food, and good vibes!

Good news, Montreal: summer is finally here!

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Okay, wait, scratch that. It seems like we're still firmly in spring thanks to all this rain; but the real good news is that this Saturday, there's supposed to be a pause from all the rain and we might just be gifted with a gloriously sunny day.

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Which is awesome, because this weekend just so happens to be when St. Denis street is going to be closed off for a huge, super fun block party/sidewalk sale event!

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Going down on June 16 - 18, with an inaugural party on June 15, the sidewalk sale is going to be tons of fun. Expect boutiques to bring out their finest, live music, games, beer, and a whole lot of good vibes!

via @sdquartierlatin

You can check ot more information on their Facebook page right here.

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