Montreal deps are sick and tired and not being able to compete with bars and restaurants. 

As of now, depanneurs can only sell liquor between the hours of 8:00am and 11:00pm, which sucks because alcohol represents nearly 35% of their sales, and because somehow you always realize you're out of booze at 11:01pm.

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After 11:00 pm, your only option is to buy alcohol in a bar at a huge markup. Then you have to drink it on-site, and then you have to find your way home somehow. 

That's why the ADAQ is asking the government to allow depanneurs and grocery stores to extend their hours so they could sell liquor from 6:00am to 3:00am. 

They are arguing that every liquor retailer should have the same restrictions and that bars and restaurants shouldn't receive any preferential treatment.

After all if you can drink in a bar until 3:00am, why can't you buy beer at 2:30am and go drink it at home.

The demand is there, so muhc that some people started selling liquor illegally on Facebook after 11:00pm for double the price. 

According to Journal de Montreal the government could announce changes regarding liquor license rules as early as this spring. 

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