In Montreal we have a lot of freebie days, but those mostly involve ice cream or coffee. It's not every day you get to attend an Opera for free, and the best part of the opera is that you get to get to suit up and pretend you're a rich snob.

Face it, you'd probably wear a monocle if you owned one, or maybe even sport a pair of those binoculars on a stick.

Well now you can enjoy an opera for free! And this isn't some student backyard performance. This is the real deal. The OSM, led by Kent Nagano will be holding a FREE performance of Carmen by George Bizet on August 5th at Parc Olympique. A confirmed 40,000 people will be gathering the Esplanade Sun Life Financial to watch the performance. This event kicks off the OSM Classical Spree Festival.

Check out the OSM Facebook page for more information

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