For those who love convenience and alcohol (i.e. EVERYONE) there is a looming pilot project that will have you smiling with (possibly already drunken) glee. The Société des Alcools du Québec is now looking into combining SAQs with major grocery stores across the province and in Montreal.

The fusion would have a fully stocked SAQ inside the grocery store, keeping the hard liquor outside of regular aisles but still inside the complex, kinda like those mini-wineries you sometimes find. Beer and wine would still be kept grocery-side, as per usual.

Ideally, 2-6 SAQ outlets will be installed in certain stores by next year, but none of the approached grocery stores (IGA, Metro, and Loblaws) have agreed thus far, as an SAQ rep told CBC.

Recent events in Quebec City inspired the idea, when an under-construction SAQ outlet was temporarily moved inside a nearby Loblaws. Apparently people loved it, which comes as no surprise, because quick access to food + drank in one spot is the epitome of stocking-up-for-the-weekend convenience.

Nothing is confirmed yet, so don't get too excited (too late) and we'll be sure to keep you updated if anything is confirmed.

Is this a good idea?

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