Alright, show of hands: who here loves eating clean?

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Don't worry if your hand is waving proudly in the air right now, guys. It should be, because eating clean is awesome... and even if you're just curious about living that clean eating life, then no worries.

I've got good news for everyone, no matter where you are on the clean eating scale.

Montreal will very soon host a huge clean eating/green living festival, taking place at Palais Des Congres.

Expo Manger Sante Et Vivre Vert 2017 is returning to the city for its twentieth year in a row. It aims to promote green living and eating healthy AF.

This year, there are going to be over 280 exhibitors taking over the Palais Des Congres. Everything from vegan food vendors (and samples!) to demos to contests, and anything in between, making this one seriously huge - and super fun - expo.

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The Expo Manger Sante Et Vivre Vert 2017 is taking place March 24 - 26 at the Palais Des Congres. Tickets at the door are $14, or $11 for students; you can also buy them online here.

For more information on the Expo Expo Manger Sante Et Vivre Vert, check out their website right here.

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