Montreal Hosting A "Harry Potter" Theme Brunch

Dead 'sirius'.

Have you ever dreamt of traveling to the wizarding world for a magical time with Harry Potter over breakfast to ask him a MILLION questions? HELLA YA YOU HAVE! Well, now you can. Montreal is officially hosting a "Harry Potter" themed brunch that has Hogwarts written ALL over it.

I mean the tickets are literally adorable! Based on the train tickets from the movies, once you book your seat you'll be their for awhile since it's a one-way ticket to magic!

via @phania__

It is taking place September 1st at 6 PM until September 3rd at 10 PM at Les Intraitables. It will be a night full of sorcery, magic, and pure joy as you enjoy delicious food! I mean have you ever look at what Harry eats in the morning? It looks magical AF. 

via @kentsujimoto



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