Smokers are about to lose one of their very last privileges in Montreal. After smoking was banned in the workplace in 1998, bars were the only place where a smoker could have a cigarette indoors. Then, with The Tobacco Act in May 2006, smoking in bars was banned and smokers only had one place left to smoke, on terrasses in the summertime. It's the very last place where a smoker can have a cigarette with a drink or immediately after having a meal without having to get up and go outside.

It seems that the times they are a changing once again because according to La Presse, Public Health Minister, Lucie Charlebois, proposed a bill this week to ban smoking on terrasses. The bill is predicted to enforced as of June, so take advantage while you can and smoke 'em if you got 'em.

If the law is passed, it would also ban smoking in cars when there are children under 16 in the vehicle - prohibiting the sale of flavoured cigarettes and imposing marketing and advertising restrictions on eCigarettes.

For more information check out La Presse's Website

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