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Montreal Is About To Experience Its First "Real Week" Of Summer

You deserve this!

Montreal's weather has gotten so bad that at this point, a "nice day" doesn't have to be warm or sunny. It just needs to be rain-free. 

And since there are so few of them, we actually started started keeping track of the rain free days, so you can make the most of whatever is left of the summer. 

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Lucky for you, this week we will be enjoying the nicest summer days we've seen so far in Montreal. The first "real week" of summer.  

During the next 7 days, only 2 have rain in the forecast. No thunderstorm or anything, just a 40% chance of seeing a millimeter or two. 

Via theweathernetwork

The rest of the week will be packed with sunshine and 25℃-30℃ weather when you factor in the humidity. 

But of course, we have one more thunderstorm to get through before that happens. I'll see you on the other side!

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