Spring is in full swing in Montreal, but honestly it's kind of hard to tell since most of the time it's either raining or the city is being battered by the winds of hell. 

This morning it was only 3°C in downtown Montreal which is honestly depressing considering we're almost halfway through the month of May. But now the city of Montreal is finally going the get the weather it deserves! 

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Last Wednesday, the temperature in Montreal hit 27°C, which is nearly record breaking heat for this of the year. And if you enjoyed that, I have some great news. 

Montreal is going to to be experiencing a mini spring heatwave over the next week. 

Temperatures will be above average on most days, and according to The Weather Network, there is absolutely no rain in the forecast whatsoever. 

The average high is normally 17.5°C, but this week we'll be getting 4 straight days where temperatures will be well above 18°C!

Via The Weather Network

So get out there (not today, today sucks) and soak up all the sun and heat you can, because before you know it you'll be sitting around with your friends complaining about how quickly the spring and summer went by. 


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