Montreal Is Having A Huge Vintage And Retro Bazaar Sale

Unique clothes, jewelry, decor, and more!

Is there anything on this earth more fun than shopping for vintage clothes?

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Nope. Absolutely not. Actually, scratch that: the only thing more fun than shopping for vintage clothes is probably shopping for vintage accessories, furniture, decor items, vinyls, and, well... vintage everything, TBH.

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And if you're a fan of those retro finds, then I've got some awesome news for you!

This Saturday, May 13, from 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM, there's going to be a huge vintage and retro bazaar, right here in the city.

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Called the Vintage Bazaar Montreal, and taking place at the St-Jean-Berchmans Church (5945 Rue Cartier), this sale is going to feature vintage clothes, collectables, accessories, jewlery, books, toys, and much more!

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Sounds like the coolest thing ever? You know it does! Check out the Facebook event for more information.

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