Montreal is home to so many incredible places to get food, from essentially any culture you think of.

One thing we have a ton of is Lebanese restaurants because Montreal loves their Shawarma!

I mean, let's be honest... you know you crave that Shawarma every other week. I know I do!

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Summertime in Montreal is a straight-up, never-ending celebration. At the top of our festival season, Montreal has an annual cultural festival that is one of the biggest in town.

Festival Libanais will go down next month (June), and it brings together food, live music and a ton of cultural heritage.

The Lebanese cultural festival happens every year, and 2018 will mark the 16th edition of the food festival.

Festival Libanais will have a ton of activities happening, with folk dancers, traditional Lebanese music, and bands, but most importantly - all your favourite, tasty Lebanese dishes.

Every year Festival Libanais in Laval draws out big numbers, so be sure to check it out on one of their 4-days full of Lebanese culture!

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Here's what you need to remember:

What? Festival Libanais

When? June 14-17, 2018

Where? 2965 Boul du Souvenir, Laval, Quebec

It's free to attend, and it won't cost you much to score some signature Lebanese dishes.

Good vibes are always found right here at Festival Libanais, so don't miss out!

Check out the official Facebook event page here.

You can find more details at the Festival Libanais website here.

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