Montreal Is Hosting A Massive "Vegan BBQ" Festival

Awesome food and awesome vibes!

Friends, do you remember a time - very long ago - when being a vegan meant you were limited in, like, every single dish?

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I sure do. Back then, kale wasn't a known thing, and vegan ice cream was but a distant dream.

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It's different now, though: every restaurant seems to have at least one delicious vegan dish on their menu, and there are legit restaurants open that serve only creative, yummy vegan options.

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There are also legit food festivals dedicated to celebrating all things vegan in Montreal, too; like this vegan barbecue that's going down as a part of Montreal's Ribfest.

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Happening August 18 - 20, the Vegan BBQ & Mac booth will be hosted by Montreal catering company/restaurant Kiffin, which is known for serving up healthy, delicious, and inexpensive eats.

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No word just yet on the type of food that'll be served up (although, based on the name, there'll probably be some vegan mac and cheese making an appearance!), but it's sure to be legit delicious! 

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For more information, check out the official Facebook event right here!

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