Montreal loves art. Just look at the amazing sculptures, festivals and installations that happen on the regular. You can't deny it, and why would you even want to? Living in a city, rich in culture and spectacle, opens your eyes to the unknown. The only problem is that seeing all of these incredible things all the time, it can sometimes take a lot to wow us.

Well, prepared to be wowed.

From May 7th through October 4th, Montreal will be host to an incredible floating installation. The piece, entitled "1.26" and is set to float over Place Émilie-Gamelin in the Quartier des Spectacles. The artist, Janet Echelman, has already shared this piece in Denver, Sydney, Amsterdam and Singapore, and is now making her Canadian debut in Montreal.

This piece is literally a floating, illuminated work. It reacts and reflect to the wind and light around it. The piece is meant to reflect the beauty of the cityscape that surrounds it, highlighting the city's diverse architecture.

Check out Janet Echelman's website to learn more!

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