Guys, sometimes in life, you've got to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures. Enjoy the sunset. Stroll through a park. Strap on a coconut bra and sip on a rum cocktail under palm trees. You know, whatever.

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And if sipping rum cocktails while enjoying that tiki vibe sounds like the world's most perfect pleasure to you (it does to me, guys, not even going to lie), then have I got some awesome news for you.

Montreal will very soon be home to a brand new tiki bar.

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Snowbird Tiki Bar is set to open up in Montreal in 2017, with a location and opening date that's still TBA.

But honestly, I personally am counting down the seconds until this spot announces its opening date. I cannot tell you how excited I am to experience this tiki bar, especially since the owner describes it as being "all about gigantic rum based elaborate cocktails and a refined Polynesian inspired cuisine." Which sounds like my own personal version of heaven, TBH.

The owner also mentioned that he's going to be "bringing back the 60's kitsch authentic tiki vibe to Montreal", which, again, is pretty much the best thing I've heard all day/week/year.

If this sounds like the best thing you've ever heard too (and you know it does), then check out Snowbird Tiki Bar's Facebook and Instagram pages for updates.

* Featured photo is not of actual venue.

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