In Montreal, keeping track of potholes is an essential survival technique if you plan on driving a car or riding a bike. 

That's because most of the time if you damage your car or if you crash your bike into a pothole, there isn't much you can do about it. Or is there? 

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An experienced Montreal cyclist was riding his bike heading south on Saint-Hubert Street when the wheel of his bike got stuck in a pothole. 

The cyclist was sent flying through the air and landed on the pavement. The impact was so violent that his helmet was split in half. He also had injuries on his face and he fractured his right arm. Once at the hospital, he needed two surgeries and he had to have a metal rod inserted into his arm/.

When he was feeling better he went back to where it happened and saw a pothole that was 20 inches wide, so he decided to sue the city of Montreal. And he won! 

What's insane is that the city didn't even want to pay him. According to the Journal de Montreal, the city argued that the cyclist could have used the nearby bike path instead. 

As if that was an excuse for why there was a 20 inch hole in  the middle of street. 

In the end the city payed the cyclist $15,000 which barely covered the damages caused by the accident.

So the lesson here is be careful. Most of the time the city of Montreal won't give a crap, and even if you sue them and win it's you'll barely break even. 




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