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Montreal Is Shutting Down For A Massive "Electro Parade" This Summer

The first and biggest event of its kind in Canada.

If you thought the city was done making plans for Montreal's 375th anniversary, think again. They're just getting started. 

And this event is unlike anything you're ever seen in this city. 

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This summer, Montreal will be transformed into a massive, wandering, street party.

There will be a huge Mobile DJ booth making its way though the streets of downtown Montreal blasting much and taking the party with it whenever it goes.  Meanwhile the party will be following the booth along to create a massive dance party parade!

It'll be as if Montreal was solely inhabited by Techno Viking!

It all takes place Saturday September 2, from 2:00 pm to 11:00 pm. 

Check out ElectroParade's website for more information

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