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Montreal Landlords Offering Cheaper Rent In Exchange For Sex

Sounds like a pretty bad deal.

When it comes to rent in Montreal what's included in your lease can vary greatly depending on your landlord.

Some don't allow smoking, some include heating and electricity in the rent price, and others have some pretty bizarre incentives.

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According to Journal de Montreal, there have been some ads (at least 10) popping up on Kijiji offering cheaper rent in exchange for sex.

Here's one of the ads in question:

Via JournalDeMontreal

It translates to:

"Seeking gay roommate to share a nice condo in the south west near a metro. Large 3 and a half in the bottom floor of a triplex. One big room with room for two beds. For mutual benefits and to help with boredom."

When they contacted one of the people who posted the ad, they were sent photos of the apartment as well as some dick-pics.

When they asked about the rent, the person who posted the ad said not to worry about the rent and that the price would be negotiable.

Others straight up asked for sexual favors before a price would even be discussed.

Who knew finding an apartment would be so demanding?

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