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Montreal Man Creates Giant Creepy Head Out Of Snow

Who is it supposed to be?

Over the weekend a peculiar snowman was spotted in NDG Park. Actually
"peculiar" might not be the best word for it. The word I'm looking for is creepy.

It's surprisingly realistic, and it's sporting a weird Bonhomme Carnaval looking smile.

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Via reddit

People on reddit were debating over who or what this giant head was, and here's what they concluded.

1. It's Jeremy Clarkson

@jeremy.clarkson.officialembedded via

2. It's Jean Charest

@wilhelminoembedded via

Personally I think he looks like Geoffrey Rush.

@__multifandom__0embedded via

Montrealers also suggested: George W. Bush, Paul Sorvino, Fardoche from Passe Partout, Claude Jutras and Jeremy Searle.

Who do you think the snowman is supposed to be?

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