Montreal Man Says, F*ck It, Drives His Lamborghini During The Winter Anyways

He might be genius, or he might be insane.

Some people clearly know how to "winter" better than the rest of us.  

We noticed a post by Johnathan Rothman of @spottedcarsquebec on ‎MONTREAL CAR SPOTTING where someone decided to ignore winter altogether by slapping some winter tires on a 2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante so they could keep driving it in the winter. 

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For those of you who think the car is too low to handle all that snow think again: 

Although we commend him on this noble endeavor, we can't help but feel a little bad considering the kind of weather we're having so far this winter.

Driving a Lambo during any winter is challenging, but with the amount of snow we've seen so far in Montreal, I'm sure getting around in the thing has been quite challenging. 

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Jeremy Hazan