Craigslist is littered with creepy ads. Searching through the job listings essentially means sorting through hundreds of ads for escort services, happy ending massages, and amateur porn actresses. These are definitely creepy, but they get straight to the point: money for sex. But today, I found a truly creepy ad, and the creepy part about it is the time and effort the original poster puts into convincing you this isn't sexual.

This fun-loving individual is seeking a young woman who wants to be spanked for $100 per hour. He claims that he is "not even interested in fetishes or kinky behaviour". Instead, he wants to spank you so that you can break your bad habit, or discipline you for something bad you've done. You see? This isn't creepy, he's just trying to help you. Okay fine, it's creepy as fuck! And the more he insists that this isn't sexual, the more I'm convinced this guy is just looking for someone to murder.

Click here for a link to the original Craigslist ad.

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