Last summer our collective spirits were crushed by the news that the alcohol board of Quebec rejected the proposal to extend bar hours to 6:00 am. The proposal was introduced by Mayor Denis Coderre and was rejected by the board because the proposal supposedly hadn't been planned well enough.

The project would have been good for the economy and it had the support of Educ'alcohol for its safety benefits. The bar patrons wouldn't be racing to finish their drinks when 'last call' comes in. People would be less likely to drive home drunk if they can leave the bar at the same time as the metros open in the morning. And finally, the street wouldn't be packed with stumbling drunks that are all leaving the bar at the same time.

Luckily the Mayor announced in an interview with CJAD that he is not giving up on his plan to have bars stay open until 6:00am. So for the time being hope is still alive. Keep fighting the good fight Mayor.

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