True story, guys, one of my favourite passtimes is discovering new spots in the city, and then getting to share those discoveries with all of you.

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Which is exactly why I was so excited to stumble upon a brand new Montreal cafe, called Aloha Espresso Bar (15 de la Commune O), located in Montreal's Old Port.

via @oldsoul_wino

Having opened up in April 2017, it's one of the newest additions to Montreal's cafe scene. 

via @alohaespressobar

And they've got pretty much everything a tropical cafe lover would want, friends.

Bright, beautiful decor, a super welcoming vibe, delicious lattes and coffees, awesome little treats... I mean, I'm pretty sure this is going to take over the #mtlcafecrawl hashtag on Instagram within the next few weeks.

via @la.gaspesienne.urbaine

Oh, and also? They've got matcha croissants. You're welcome, friends. You're welcome.

via @misspankhamvia @misspankhamvia @alohaespressobar

Sounds like the most fun cafe ever? Check out Aloha Espresso Bar on Facebook for more information.

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