Remember a few years ago, when the clean eating trend took over people's Instagram feeds, and we all assumed it was just a food trend that would fade, like so many others?

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Well, it turns out that clean eating is here to stay - and for one very good reason: it's awesome. There's nothing like eating good food, and feeling great afterwards.

Which is exactly why the concept behind new Montreal restaurant Vivalia Bistro (286 Rue Notre-Dame O) is so on point.

Vivalia Bistro is located in Old Montreal, and they specialize in serving up dishes made with totally organic ingredients.

They also happen to have tons of vegan and vegetarian options, as well.

Options like falafel wraps, vegan chili, tempeh shawarma paninis, smoothies, mushroom tempeh wraps, and more. Oh, and they also have homemade kombucha!

A 100% organic menu, located in Old Montreal, with a massive amount of vegan and vegetarian options? I mean, sign me TF up.

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If Vivalia Bistro sounds like your new fave, then check out their website for more information.

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