Montreal Opens First-Ever "California Theme" Cafe Downtown

California dreamin'.

Ah, California. Home of sunshine, beaches, good vibes, and The OC.

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Even though it's highkey gorgeous in Montreal (finally!), Cali and MTL are kind of way off in terms of... well, everything.

One Montreal restaurant, though, doesn't quite see things that way.

Venice MTL is a super cute, awesome restaurant in Montreal with a beachy, fun California themed vibe. 

They serve up deliciously fresh foods, like poke, tacos, and avocado toast, plus smoothies and acai bowls - among other things.

Although their original location is situated in Old Montreal (440 St Francois Xavier St), they've just opened up their first ever downtown location, near Square-Victoria metro (1045 Côte du Beaver Hall).

TBH, it looks like it's going to be super fun and super fresh! 

Miranda Cipolla Miranda was born and raised in Montreal, and has spent all of her free time exploring the city she loves so much. Her interests include tequila, food, and overusing the word “bae”. You can follow her adventures on Instagram (@ciaomiranda12) and Facebook.

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