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Montreal Park Is Getting A Sound System You Can Control With Your Phone

Everyone can be a DJ.

Chilling in a park is staple of Montreal summers. Imagine you're hanging out with some friends at park and you decide to play some music for everybody. Unless you lugged you big-ass 90's boombox with you then you're either stuck sharing earphones or playing your music on a tiny crappy plug-in speaker.

But what if you could hook in to a massive sounds system so that all your friends could enjoy the music with you?

That's exactly what the Musikiosk Project wants to to do in Montreal.

They plan on installing a public sound system in the gazebo of Parc du Portugal. you'll be able to connect your phone directly to the system so you can be the DJ.

The project organisers insist that the project's intention is to have the music play not too loudly, but at a moderate and enjoyable level, balancing use and respect for the neighbours.

Musikiosks is a research project from McGill and ÉTS, their plan is to improve the quality of life in Montreal using music, It's one thing for Montreal to look good, but now it will sound good too.

Check out their Facebook page for more information.

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