This just in - Even cops will jump at an opportunity to take selfies with celebrities, even if they have to kill the vibe in the process. Being Grand Prix Weekend, Montreal is in full swing with the city's top restaurants and nightclubs hosting the hottest parties of the year, only problem is, the cops were not invited. But who needs to RSVP when you have the power to raid with a couple dozen of your brothers in blue (or army fatiques wtv the case may be.)

That was the case last night as Time Supper Club was right in the middle of kicking off their Grand Prix celebrations with their 13th Anniversary / ONEXONE Fundraiser when the Montreal police decided to crash the party. Pushing their way through the crowd, officers were apparently on the hunt for something, though Time's Miami marketing manager, Thierry Havitov told us he was never told what. Intimidated by the overwhelming presence of police, guests wasted no time clearing out of the club, much to the dismay of Havitov.

This is not the first occurrence of police raiding events, says Havitov, which is ultimately hurting business, as high-ticket events such as Grand Prix are being ruined by unwarranted raids, scaring off paying clients. But hey - at least they got their selfie with PK Subban, right?

 Photo cred - Time Supper Club

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