Montreal Ranked #1 Safest City In The World

If you live here, have no fear.

Montreal has never been a very violent city, although we've had our share of psycho killers, bikers wars and mafia hits. But in recent years the crime and murder rate has been getting lower and lower.

How low? Well let's just say that so far this year we've had 0 murders.

You heard right, not a single murder has been reported in Montreal this year, compared to 1975 where we had over 100.

So we're either really nice people or our murderers are just really good at getting away with it. 

In the last 10 years there was always at least 1 murder reported before the end of January.

Although this is great news, the explanation given is actually kind of sad.

Homicide researchers claim that crime is down because people are going out less because of all the technology we have at home. Kids are playing video games indoors instead of wandering the streets and because of smoking bans and tougher drinking and driving laws, people just aren't getting together as much as they used to.

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