Guys, I'm about to combine the three greatest words in the English language to form one sentence of pure awesome.

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Make sure you're sitting down for this.

You can now get Nutella sushi crepes in Montreal.

What exactly are Nutella sushi crepes?

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Well, they're morsels of happiness, wrapped in pure joy, and drizzled in the tears of literal angels.

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Okay, not really, but they might as well be.

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Served at Montreal's C'ChoColat (1255 Rue Bishop), a restaurant specializing in some seriously awesome desserts, this dish consists of bananas, rolled in a Nutella-filled crepe, and then drizzled with Nutella. I know, you guys. I know.

Sound like the coolest dish ever? Then check out C'ChoColat on Facebook for more information.

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