Its been over 50 years, but it looks like Montreal is getting new Metro cars. The first official pictures have been released today, and the new nine-car trains are set to be tested and delivered beginning in 2014. After night time testing (when the metro is closed), it will take an additional 8 months until the trains start carrying passengers.

The STM's plan is to insert a new train into the system once a month starting in 2014. Less likely to breakdown, the new cars will also have an open concept design, increasing passenger capacity, and although they will not be air conditioned, a new air ventilation system will be put in place to lessen armpit stains.

Most of the cars will be added to the Orange line, with the Yellow, and possible Blue line, next for subsequent additions.

Source - Montreal Gazette

Do you think the new cars are a needed improvement to Montreal's metro system, or is it a waste of taxpayer money on a system that already works well? Let us know in the comments below.

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