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Montreal Could Hit Double Digit Temperatures This Week

A 40°C jump in less than a week.

So far, this week's temperatures are actually bearable in Montreal, and as promised the icy cold weather seems to be going away. 

And for those of who really can't stand it anymore, I have some amazing news. 

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It's going to get hot. How hot? 

Let's just say that on Thursday, with a little bit of luck, Montreal will hit double digit temperatures.


Last week the weather was predicted to be 2°C, and yesterday it went up to 5°C. But as of this morning the forecast for Thursday sits at 9°C!

So by the time Thursday actually arrives, and all the weather forecasters make up their minds, it's probably be going to be upped to 30°C (kidding ,of course)

The previous highest temperature ever reached on January 11th was 9.4°C in 1975. 


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