Canada's Largest Grilled Cheese Festival Is Coming To Montreal

Hot, gooey, cheesy happiness.

Honestly, I don't know what is better in life than a hot, buttery, gooey, melty grilled cheese. 

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A grilled cheese is like the universe's way of assuring you that yes, life is good, no matter what's going on out there.

Because as long as you can have a sandwich that's filled with melted cheese, all is right with the world. 

And one Quebec festival aims to really drive that point home.

The Grilled Cheese Festival is a province-wide food festival celebrating one thing: grilled cheeses.

Last year, the event took place in the springtime, and included over 100 participating restaurants from Quebec.

Some of last year's participating restaurants from Montreal included La Betise, La Coupole, and Le Gras Dur. Once we get more details, this post will be updates.

For more information and updates, check out the official Facebook page and website.

Miranda Cipolla Miranda was born and raised in Montreal, and has spent all of her free time exploring the city she loves so much. Her interests include tequila, food, and overusing the word “bae”. You can follow her adventures on Instagram (@ciaomiranda12) and Facebook.

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