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Montreal To Open All-New "Christmas Theme" Bar Next Week

Eggnog shots and Christmopolitains!

Montreal has more bars for every person than any other place in Canada. Actually we have about 4 times as many bars as Toronto who is in 2nd place, so it's safe to say Montrealers enjoy a little drink now and then.

And there's no shortage of crazy themed bars around the city:


But now, Montreal is opening a new bar, one that's entirely Christmas themed!

IG-MIRACLE_v1_christmapolitan-1-768x768 Photo cred - miraclemtl

Le Miracle Montreal is opening a pop-up bar in the heart of Quartier Latin.

This place will be decked out with bear skins, a fireplace, Christmas lights, Christmas music and TVs that will be playing all your favorite holiday classics.

The bar officially opens on December 1st and last until December 31st

Opening night is already packed full of festivities including welcome cocktails, eggnog, Christmas snacks, Santa Clause and holiday themed cocktails:

Here are some of the drinks you can expect, including Christmopolitains, Vin Chaud shots, and of course, boozy eggnog!

IG-MIRACLE_v1_hollyjolly-1-768x768 Photo cred - miraclemtl

IG-MIRACLE_v2_mugs-1-768x768 Photo cred - miraclemtl

IG-MIRACLE_v1_snowball-2-768x768 Photo cred - miraclemtl

IG-MIRACLE_v1_mulledwine-1-768x768 Photo cred - miraclemtl

15042233_574288112756399_234381698764407234_o-1000x1000 Photo cred - miraclemtl

Check out Miracle Montreal's Facebook page for more info.

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