One year ago, today, the city of Montreal was in full-on 375th Birthday celebration mode.

The birthday of our fine city was a city-wide, year-long celebration of all things that make Montreal, Montreal with tons of events and happenings around the city. 

Lots of what was happening were all planned by the Coderre administration, which toted a 375th birthday celebration bill of over $1B. To give you some comparison, Montreal's celebratory bill is half that of Canada's, country-wide bill of $500M.

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A portion of this money that was spent on Montreal's 375th birthday seems to be the newest entry in a long line of stupid things that was just a pure waste of funds. 

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Last summer along Sherbrooke St. in Montreal, you may have noticed dozens of international flags of the world adorning the street for a 1km stretch. They were pretty to look at, they celebrated international culture in the city, but they cost us a lot! 

They cost Montreal about $750,000, in fact - and now they are sitting somewhere in a storage locker collecting dust. 

Claude Cormier, the man who came up with this grand idea of flags along Sherbrooke St., has said that the cost of the flags included setup and takedown costs. 

Cormier is also the (arguably genius) mind who came up with the idea of lining Montreal's Gaybourhood with the iconic pink (now rainbow) balls! 

While Cormier's iconic gay village ball installation remains a Montreal staple, annually, his hope to see the flags return to Sherbrooke St. every year has not come to a realization. 

A city spokesperson for the city says that the metal posts that held the flags were all taken down to improve snow removal along the stretch of road that hosted them. 

It remains to be seen if these flags will make it back up to Sherbrooke St., but officials have said that they will remain in storage, at least for this summer... 

...or until the city decides what to do with them. 

$750K well spent, right?   

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