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Montreal Woman Turns Her Mastectomy Scars Into Beautiful Art

A powerful story worth reading.

With breast cancer awareness month right around the corner, this topic couldn't be more timely. Six years ago, a brave Montreal woman, Karen Malkin Lazarovitz, found out that she has BRCA gene mutation. She had the same high risk of hereditary mutation as Angelina Jolie and chose to remove her healthy breasts because of an 87% chance of developing breast cancer.

After the mastectomy, Karen suffered complications with her reconstruction and endured an additional 4 surgeries. Healing took much longer than expected. Unfortunately, in many cases, mastectomies and reconstructions need additional touch-ups and revisions.

As post-op years progressed, Karen started to think of ways to cover her scars. Instead of opting for a standard nipple correction surgery, she decided to make a more creative choice: have a beautiful piece of art cover the scars. She wanted to replace the scars with something she'd be proud to look at.

That's when Karen started to look for a tattoo artist. "There are many talented artists in Montreal but I needed an emotional connection as well. After meeting with a few I met Meaghan Goeb.  Her 'realism tattoos' were spectacular and we bonded right away. I knew in that moment that she was the one!" Karen also confessed that she actually found her tattoo artist through a MTL Blog's Best Montreal Tattoo Artists article.

Karen decided to go with Magnolias and Cherry Blossoms design, as a sign of endurance, eternity and longevity. The result has surpassed all her expectations. It's a truly beautiful piece of art.

"So many women that I have spoken with post mastectomy feel ugly and scarred. Some can't even look at themselves in the mirror anymore. That is why I decided to share my story. To show others that there is beauty after a surgery like this and we can complete our journey's however we want."

meaghan goeb tattoo

Photo cred - Tattooartistmagazineblog

Meaghan Goeb, the tattoo artist, is a 25 year old from Montreal. She works at Slick Styled Steel tattoo shop in Montreal.

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