The use of yellow badges is a very touchy subject with Jewish communities and for good reason. But now, Outremont citizens are repurposing the symbol to push their own agenda.

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This insensitive reference to the Holocaust should not stand. It doesn't matter what they are protesting, or who is in the wrong, it is not okay. It distracts from the actual issue and brings up issues that should've been left to rest.

Basically, what's going on is that at a borough council meeting Outremont citizens, led by Ginette Chartre, started protesting the Hasidic Jewish community's apparent overuse of yellow school buses.

Apparently, they take up too much room on the street and run during strange hours. Though they are used to transport the community around the town and to school, the Outremont community is still up in arms.

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Thankfully, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante does not support this.

Ms. Chartre is being particularly insensitive and saying that they will not take off the badges.


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