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10 Montreal Homes Were Flooded This Morning Due To A Water Main Break

Firefighters are still removing the water in people's homes.

The warming temperatures yesterday and bouts of rain prompted the prediction that Montreal would be seeing some pretty nasty floods in the near future. With the city freezing over again last night, our fears of water-filled streets and homes were abandoned. But for some, the nightmare may have become a reality early this morning.

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TL;DR The Pointe-Claire borough awoke this morning to a major water main break that led to flooding of several homes and streets. Firefighters were called to the scene to turn the valves of the water main off and are removing the water from the basements of homes. More details below.

Residents in the Pointe-Claire borough awoke early to heavily flooded streets and houses. The cause? A water main break that had already totally flooded several basements and left streets underwater.

The homeowners on both Marie-Anne and Victoria Ave. reported the dangerous flooding to firefighters, they arrived on the scene around 4:30am this morning to turn off the valves of the water main.

No more water would be able to flood the area, but what about the existing water already in the basements and on the streets of very frustrated residents?

As of 8:00am the firefighters were still removing the water from people's homes, which could take hours depending on how severe the flooding was and the damage it has caused. 

Luckily no one on the scene of the flooding was injured and homes do not have to be evacuated. That doesn't go without saying that the Pointe-Claire borough will probably be at a heightened risk of super icy roads this week.


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