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Breaking: Major Delays On Montreal's STM Orange Line

We will update this post with information as we get it.

This is breaking news.

The STM Orange line has ben shut down between Beaubien and Berri-UQAM stations.

According to a Tweet from the STM, service has stopped while crews respond to "an injured or ill passenger." There are no other details.

Both the official Twitter acocunts of the STM and the Orange line intially tweeted that service would resume by "0:15h," or 12:15AM.


Those tweets were quickly deleted and may have been an error. 

The revised estimate is that that serivce will resume within twenty minutes.


Passengers took to Twitter to complain about the situation on a day when the Orange line is "particularly crowded."

UPDATE: service is now set to resume at 17:10.

UPDATE: service is now "gradually resuming"

Passengers should expect delays.

UPDATE: service is now normal on the Orange line.

We will update this post as we get new information. Hopefully, the "injured or ill passenger" will be okay.


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