Montreal is in the midst of its first few days of snowfall in 2019. But despite the quick accumulation outside, the city is actually well below its snowfall average so far this winter.

According to The Weather Network, while on average 49 centimeters of snow falls in December, Montreal had only 15 centimeters last month.

Such meager snowfall should ensure that city roads and sidewalks remain relatively clear. Some people in Montreal, however, have taken to social media to accuse the city of neglecting its duty to clear public walk and roadways.

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TL;DR Some people in Montreal have taken to social media to complain about poor snow and ice removal so far this winter. Some posts are compiled below.

Many of these people are blaming Montreal mayor Valérie Plante for what they perceive as a mismanagement of snow removal efforts.

"I have the impression that Montreal snow removal vehicles were on vacation tonight."

Via u/Bulletwithbatwings

"I hurt myself after a fall. My friend's mother seriously injured herself falling. What is [the city of Montreal] doing?"

"Sister smile is at the head of one of the worst administrations in Montreal in terms of service. They've had almost nothing to spend on snow removal."

To be fair, the city plows and removes snow according to a list of priority streets outlined in the municipal snow removal policy. It is possible that these individuals live or work on streets that are categorized as low-priority and that snow and ice removal is forthcoming.

Complaints about Montreal snow management is perennial. But let's hope that low levels of snowfall have not encouraged the city to lag on its responsibilities.


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