According to a breaking report from Huffpost Canada, the city of Montreal is set to repeal a by-law that allows individual food trucks to set up shop along city streets. Weekly food tuck gatherings and food-truck events, like the much anticipated food-truck festival later this spring, however, will still be permitted.

Food trucks have been able to operate individually on Montreal streets since only 2013, says Huffpost. They have, unfortunately, not been too popular despite the hype surrounding food truck culture among Montreal foodies.

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TL;DR Montreal is set to repeal a by-law that allows individual food trucks on the streets. Trucks will still be allowed at designated gatherings and events.

The news is likely to be disappointing for Montrealers who rely on their favourite truck for daily lunches, but food trucks will still be available at city festivals.

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There is still some hope, however. Huffpost implies that food truck licenses will now fall under the control of city boroughs, which may now be able to permit more or more frequent food truck events.

The news is nevertheless upsetting as we finally approach the warm season, when all of Montreal's culinary expertise seems to pour outdoors onto terraces and in public spectacles.

Updates on this developing story are sure to come. While the initial report seems grim, there may be good news to come for Montreal's food trucks their loyal customers.

Stay tuned.


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