The provincial police forces have been multiplying their efforts to stop crime in Montreal. Major police raids and drug busts are ongoing as of this morning in several regions of Quebec, notably the Montérégie region.

Police have already seized drugs and made at least 9 arrests. The operation is still unfolding.

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TL;DR A police operation is underway all around Quebec. The raid is the culmination of a three-month investigation. So far, at least 9 people have been arrested and drugs have been seized from various locations across Quebec.

A three-month investigation into drug rings in Quebec has led to the distribution of twelve arrest warrants. As of this morning, nine people have been arrested, though police believe this number will keep rising.

Though police activity is concentrated in the Montérégie area, police in Quebec City, Montreal, Levis, Chateauguay, Mirabel, and the Richelieu-Saint-Laurent were also involved in the raids.

In total, 130 police officers were deployed. The total tally of arrests made will not be known for a few more days, state Longueuil police.

Stay tuned for more news on this developing story.


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