It is SO frustrating to just miss the metro and then have to wait 7 minutes for the next one. Especially because you know you would have made it if those slow walkers had just moved out of the freaking way.

Well, good news.

The STM just announced that they are decreasing wait times between metros on the Orange and Green lines. From now on, commuters will wait a maximum of 5 minutes.

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TL;DR The STM announced that they are decreasing wait times between metros on the Orange and Green lines to 5 minutes starting March 25. The STM is committed to adding 115 trips to the network.

The STM confirmed the news in a tweet this morning:

"Starting on March 25, the STM will offer an off-peak, "5 minute max" frequency during the day right up until night on the green line and the orange line. A total of 115 passages will be added on the two busiest lines of the metro."

This may relieve the congested metro system, and may also encourage more users to travel using public transportation during off-peak hours.

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This STM stated in a press release that, "This measure, which represents an additional 3,592 km a day and 17,960 km a week, is part of a series of actions taken by the STM to enhance its customers’ transit experience."

Commuters are really in luck today because we've actually been hit with two good transit-related news.

In addition to shorter wait times, the STM says that they are confident that they will be able to extend their blue line thanks to the new federal budget.

Let's wait and see what else the STM does to engage and better the customer experience.


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