This morning we covered a video of two STM police officers beating and attempting to arrest a man at Villa Maria station. An eyewitness stated that inspectors confronted the man for bouncing his basketball inside the metro cart.

An eyewitness further alleges that the man in the video was brutally removed from the metro and subsequently beaten. The video has since been shared countless times on Twitter and Facebook, with many angry commenters calling out the STM for brutality and unnecessary violence

The STM denies having done anything wrong, and affirms that the intervention was done according to protocol.

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TL;DR The STM claims that its officer complied with its rules in the forceful attempted arrest of a man at Villa Maria station.

After the video went viral, the STM has finally replied to concerns about the apparent overuse of violence:

The statement reads:

This person was first approached by inspectors because he was bothering other clients on the train, and subsequently refused to collaborate. According to the information available to us right now, the intervention was conducted in compliance with our standards.

Many have taken to Twitter to express their frustration at the STM police because they feel that the reaction of the officers was disproportionate to the crime:

This is just the latest viral video showing STM officers using what many have called excessive force. Earlier this year, for example, a video of another forceful arrest involving two young individuals made headlines


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