The entire Blue line shut down this afternoon due to a power failure, according to the STM.

In a series of tweets, the transit agency explained that service was expected to resume by 13:06, but has since deployed shuttle buses to run along the Blue line route, indicating that this shutdown may last longer than expected.

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It is unclear at this time what caused the power failure and which systems it affects. Such incidents are rare in the Montreal metro.


The enormous scope of the failure is also of note.

This latest service interruption comes as the STM also contends with an increase in ridership and overburdened infrastructure. Two weeks ago, an Orange line shutdown due to a pepper spray attack led to one of the most hectic afternoon commutes in recent memory.

This post will be updated with information as it becomes available.

UPDATE: the STM predicts the Blue line will be shut down until 13:51.

UPDATE: the Blue line will now not be operational until 3:00 PM. Read more here.

Stay tuned.


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