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Montrealers Are Protesting Valérie Plante Outside City Hall Today

Wednesday woes for the mayor.

Wednesday morning is going to be a bit stressful for Valérie Plante and her team as a group of merchants and business owners are planning to protest the municipal government’s budget decisions outside of City Hall. 

A few hundred angry shopkeepers and residents are planning to gather at 8:30AM outside of City Hall, just before the 2018 municipal budget will be voted on, reports JDM. 

The Association des propriétaires de bâtiments commerciaux du Québec are organizing the protest, with the group angry with Mayor Plante for the tax hike on both residential and non-residential buildings. Taxes will increase by an average of 3% and 3.3%, respectively. 

“She laughs at us” said Peter Sergakis, president of the commercial building owners association, to JDM, commenting on his general dissatisfaction with the Planet’s budget. Sergakis said a few hundred “dissatisfied” Montrealers will come out to the demonstration against the tax hikes. 

Ensemble Montréal, the opposition party formerly known as Équipe Denis Coderre, are in favour of scrapping the property tax hikes and have been pushing the Plante administration to do so. 

But Plante and her team aren’t backing down from their budget-decision. And since Projet Montréal holds a majority of seats on city council, the budget will likely pass today with or without Ensemble Montréal’s support.  

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