Yesterday the city of Montreal released an urgent notice to citizens advising them not to drink the tap water in certain sectors of downtown Montreal.

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The sectors affected were Bleury St., Côte du Beaver Hall, René-Lévesque Blvd. and Saint-Antoine St.


The city also stated that tap water should not be consumed EVEN IF you boil it. And residents of the affected area were even told not to shower.

The notice was posted to the city's Twitter account, where you can see a map of the parameters of the affected areas highlighted in red.

What happened was there was toxic spill near the area. A cooling liquid called Magnatrol  accidentally found its way into the water supply and 7 people had to be taken to the hospital. 4 of them were suffering from nausea and diarrhea.

Luckily the notice was lifted at 11:22 pm on Thursday and only a few residences in the affected are still being told not to drink the water.

As for any further details, no information or extra information was given about the source of the issue. But the city would like to remind Montrealers not to panic and that they are taking all measures necessary to correct the situation.

More information to come.


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