Montreal's All-New $6,000,000,000 "High-Speed" Train From West Island To Downtown Opens In 2020

27 new stations in total!

People are always saying how Montreal could use more transit options, more metro stations, and more buses. And now it looks like our prayers are finally being answered. 

The negotiations have been going on for months, but now Montreal's Light rail project will finally be getting underway.

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Justin Trudeau, Phillipe Couillard and Denis Coderre will be in Montreal today to announce a 1,3 billion contribution from the Federal Government. 

The new train will link the downtown area, the South Shore and the West Island. It will have 27 stations in total, and the whole project is expected to cost $6,000,000,000.

If all goes well, the first trains are expected to be running by 2020.


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