All right, ladies - I have got a good deal for you! 

Montreal lingerie company, La Vie en Rose, is a Canadian leader in sexy, affordable and all-around practical lingerie for women. 

They have been around since the '80s and I'm sure you've, at least, seen their stores in every mall if you haven't shopped there yourself. 

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La Vie en Rose just announced a mid-season clearance sale, with bras, panties, and swimwear all hitting up to 70% off! 

Via La Vie en Rose

If you're in need of some brand new essentials for your wardrobe, the time is now! Well, I don't think it actually matters if you need more essentials, with discounts like this you should just go buy stuff anyways!

La Vie en Rose has plenty of items on sale across all their merchandise categories. 

The Montreal-based company, once based in Toronto has over 180 stores across Canada, and while some items will be available in stores (while quantities last), the best bet is to order online! 

La Vie en Rose is offering free shipping on purchases over $75, which it really isn't that hard to rack up a shopping cart to that price - so take advantage of the sale while you can! 

Via La Vie en Rose

It is also worth noting that La Vie en Rose accepts in-store returns on items purchased online. 

So if you ever fear buyer's remorse, or ordering the wrong item - fret not, as you won't have to ship it back to them to receive your credit or refund!

Enjoy the discounts, ladies, and head over to La Vie en Rose for their clearance sale! 

Happy shopping!

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