This morning I was sent a press release from Cannabis Culture to announce that despite the arrests and the 8 police busts that took place over the weekend, their stores are still in fact open for business.

So pretty much the only thing the police crackdown accomplished was wasting taxpayer money.

Now that that's out of the way, Cannabis Culture wants the people of Montreal to show their support for legalization.

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To encourage you to join the fight, they are giving out some special "Christmas Gifts" to anyone who signs their petition. You just need to send your name and email address to

We called to ask them what the gift was, but they could not confirm anything. But let's face it, if David's tea was having a giveaway, chances are they won't be giving away coffee, you know what I mean? They even put a winky face just to tease us!

So if you're interested in solving the mystery of what this gift is, all you gotta do it stop in and show your support.

Here is the press release in question:

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